A Weekend Trip to Southwold, Suffolk

In April 2015, My family and I (a grand total of 14 of us) spent a long weekend away in a huge house in Suffolk. We have been away regularly to Frinton every year since 2010, but this year we wasn’t able to stay in our Frinton house so we decided to make a change.

Beach huts are SO cute 🐚☀️

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Southwold is a little town on the Suffolk Coast, South East of England. When you imagine an English Countryside and Seaside area – this is exactly what you picture;

A sunny remote town, long sandy beaches, a pier of amusements, fish and chips, bright bunting, and the freezing cold brown sea.

It is a slow paced town but perfect for a weekend relaxing, which is exactly what my 96 year old grandad needs!

The weather ain't spot on but the icecream is! 🍦☁️

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This trip was also my first experience using a Go Pro that my parents had bought me for Christmas. I originally thought it was amazing, but once I returned from the holiday I had discovered the Go Pro had actually broken and corrupted 70% of my footage from the weekend away!

[Music: Together – Analog Heart]

This is the video I created for the weekend, which considering I barely had any footage I’m really happy with how it worked out!

Now I’ve got one to make for Centerparcs, Brighton and, of course, mine and Hollie’s Interrail Trip!

What do you all think?
Will any of you be visiting the south east coast any time soon!?

Love, May x


My faves 💕

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On the beach at Southwold #seaside #beach #southwoldpier #southwold

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Been for a walk with the oldies 👵🏼❤️👴🏼

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