I’m May, 21 years old from Essex, England.

From an early age I’ve always been artistic; I’ve loved drawing, painting, collage, charcoals… anything you throw at me. Then during GCSE I discovered photography and from then on it was my biggest passion. I studied it from GCSE, to A-Level and I now have a BA Honours Degree in Photography after graduating last October.

That’s one life accomplishment down; now on to the next one


Travelling is something I’ve always wanted to do, from Europe to Southeast Asia, Scotland to Africa, Ireland to Canada… I’ve always been passionate about finding and exploring new places, seeing new things and trying new foods but never really had the opportunity or the money other than the fortnightly holidays to a singular destination over the years.

Now I’ve booked one month in Europe to start to fulfil my ‘travel bucket list‘, but there’s so much more to see and do from then onwards and I’m so excited for the adventures ahead of me!

And of course, having a Photography degree is the perfect sidekick to take along with me…

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