My 5 Biggest Interrailing Regrets

When you get back from travelling, no matter how long you went for, you always get those holiday blues.

After telling your stories to listening ears, uploading hundreds of photos and consistantly wishing you were back there you start to think about how you could’ve done things differently.

I’ve been home now for 3 months, and I still keep wishing I had done a few things differently!

Here are the 5 things I wish I’d done differently that myself, and you too, can learn from;

1. I wish I’d done more

I’m sure this must be a common thing for people to think, but I really feel like I should’ve pushed it a bit more. We did plenty but I was still left yearning for more. Before I left I spent days making lists of everything I wanted to do, and I just feel like – considering we were away for an entire month – we didn’t actually use the time to the best of our ability.


2. I wish I’d taken my DSLR

Technology has come so far and my iPhone and little compact camera didn’t do too badly. BUT my Canon 5D MIII is my precious little baby and I wish I took it with me because the photos would’ve been so much better and I probably would’ve put a little bit more effort in too. It would just mean I would need to sort out insurance and take more precaution.

Next time it’s coming with me, for sure!

3. I wish I’d tried more food!

This holiday was amazing for my ‘fussiness‘, and I’ll write another post about the foods that I did try. However, I wish I had got a bit adventurous with the cusine and tried even more than what I did.

I am proud to say that I did try something traditional from every country that we went to except from Poland because I wasn’t very well and didn’t trust their delicacies in my stomach! I just wanted to try even more – and give up the English food!

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Last night's dinner 😍😍

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4. I wish I’d learnt more languages

Language barriers were the hardest thing we came across in some countries and our typical English niavity meant that we thought we’d be okay and we really wasn’t! I tried to learn the basics through Duo Lingo but it was actually a lot harder than I thought – it’s impossible to learn the basics of 10 languages in a month! I need more time & practise!

5. I’d like to go solo…

This one isn’t so much of an ‘I wish’ as an, ‘I want too’, because Hollie is my partner in crime.

Hollie is my best friend and has been for 9 years – but our personalities are very different and I’m slightly more outgoing and willing to try everything. She joined in with everything we did do, but I still feel like I would’ve done more on my own because I wouldn’t have to stop myself out of guilt.

I think this is more a case of me wanting to be independant and know that I can do it more than anything!


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved our holiday and I would most definitely go with Hollie again, I’d just like the opportunity to do it alone too.

My list isn’t a list of negative moans – it’s things I’d probably change next time and learn from; we all know travelling is an experience and a life lesson!

What are the things you learnt from and would change while travelling?

Love, May x


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