Our Little Bluebell Wood

Since I was tiny our family have visited the Bluebell Wood right next to my Granparent’s house. Our mum’s would dress us up in our puffy coats and bright coloured wellies and we’d head off to the blooming blue forest where the parents would love looking at the sights and the colours, as well as watching the wildlife, and we’d run into the depths of the forest to climb trees and chase squirrels. I wish I could find the old pictures of us all!

Now I’m older and we’re back into the spring of the bluebells, Mum has asked me to photograph their beauty of our little forest and wants to have some put onto a canvas for our living room. It’s actually really, very hard to capture their beauty in one picture! And I really wish the sun was shining, such a shame it wasn’t – these could’ve been beautiful with sun light!







This is just a selection of a few images that I took, I just think they show off the countryside pretty well, as well at the bright blues of the flowers – part of being a Brit is loving our countryside and embracing it no matter the whether! 

I feel a bit out of touch, I haven’t been out with my camera in so long I almost forgot how to use it!

If you’re in and around Essex make sure to visit the Bluebell Wood, which is actually named Apes Grove and is part The Lambourne Woods, but I think they should rename it the Bluebell Wood – it sounds much cuter and is definitely more fitting! There’s plenty of wildlife to see; Voles, Buzzards, Birds, Bees, Horses and I’m sure probably more that we missed … AND the center of the forest has been adapted by the village’s children who have added rope swings! It’s definitely a great little place to visit.

IMG_4438 IMG_4439

Hope you all appreciate the Bluebells; despite there being no sun.

Have a lovely day, travellers!

Love, May x


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