Around the World in 30 Days

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite the world – but to me it feels like it.

I’ve not done anything as adventurous as this yet, to be honest the furthest away I’ve been from home is to Zante with the girls last summer and I’ve been to a maximum of 10 countries in my whole 21 years of existence…

Looks like that’s all about to change; and I’ve never been more excited!

On May 15th 2016, exactly 59 days away, I will be off on my travels with my best friend Hollie and a month long Interrail ticket to visit 12 of the biggest cities in Europe.
There are so many sights for us to see, so much for us to do… so much sun to absorb!


First stop; Brussels… > Amsterdam > Berlin > Prague > Kraków > Budapest > Zagreb > Split > Vienna > Venice > Zürich … and, last but definitely not least, Paris.

The choice of route was extremely hard and took us almost 3 hours to figure out, cutting and adding out a great deal of countries we wished to visit. Although I guess this is just an excuse for more holidays and more adventure! Among the cities we scrapped were Rome, Athens, Bucharest, Lisbon, Podgorica and Bratislava.

To organise the route we used the ever-so-handy app, Interrail Planner. It comes free of charge and, although it needs a bit of tweaking, it’s absolutely perfect for figuring out where to go and which train leads where, how long it takes and if you have the possibility of catching the night train!

I’m super, super excited to go and super, super excited to keep updating this new blog with ideas and experiences throughout.

If anyone has any feedback on anything on my blog over time, please let me know – constructive criticism is always welcome!

Does anyone have any advice on Interrailing/Backpacking in general?

Have a lovely evening travellers!

Love, May x 


2 thoughts on “Around the World in 30 Days

  1. Sophie says:

    Can’t wait to see how your travels go. That sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I’ve only been to Berlin out of all those cities, but it is just amazing! Europe is the next place I want to go, even if it’s by myself, I want to get there again 🙂


    • The Little Blonde Backpacker says:

      I can’t wait either 😉 I’m very excited to get going, and yes you should definitely get to Europe again! I think people underestimate it and think they should backpack around other places as the countries are bigger; but bigger doesn’t always mean better!
      Hope you get to Europe soon, and thanks for reading!

      May x


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