My Heart Goes Out To You, Brussels

I can’t believe I’m reading these stories again.

I can’t believe we live in this beautiful world full of love and excitement, yet these horrible people are doing everything they can to destroy it.

In the name of what, exactly? Is it for money? For power? For religion?

Whenever I see these horrific events unfold I can’t help but click refresh on the news pages to see what’s coming next. I find myself becoming quickly obsessed because it truly is terrifying and for some reason, we just can’t seem to stop it.

More Arabic shouting, more shots fired, more explosions… More blood spilled, more lives lost and more fear instilled in the minds of the innocent.

More people telling us to close the borders, more racist hateful comments against Muslims and immigrants when they are not the ones who inflict this upon us. They are scared too.

But we must not let it scare us; we must stand together and unite. These terrorists want us to be scared and they want us to retaliate. As with the Paris attacks in November, Twitter has shown us that we can unite and we will stand together. Isis will not take Europe down. It’s nice to see the positivity that arises out of the tragedies. There are still good people in the world;

Belgium is beautiful, and I know it will rebuild its faith after these attacks, but they shouldn’t have endured them in the first place. How long will this go on for until it’s too late? These terrible people need to be stopped, for the sake of human kind.

But for now, look out for your family… look out for your friends. Look around you and appreciate the good you have. Terrorists should not and will not take us down that easily.

My heart goes out to you, Brussels.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay beautiful. 

I’ll be with you in May!

Love, May x


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