As a new backpacker to the travelling scene and with less than 2 months until I leave, I am constantly online looking to find things in various countries that I had no idea existed. I’m not talking about the classic sight-seeing activities such as mountains and cathedrals that you find on almost every travel site, I’m talking about the really cool and original stuff you have a hard time reading about!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 23.44.14

Now I’ve found Mapiac

(and I’d probably go as far as to say it’s the best travel map I’ve found online.)

It shares the most hidden, beautiful and awesome places in Europe from abandoned buildings to amazing forests as well as a huge amount of activities to do in each country. It really has it all and will find you great places to visit no matter where you are!

Yes, it may need some more information and locations added to it, but it takes time to find and visit these places and create the collection for them. It is a website I see huge potential in developing positively in the near future.

It is also available for constant updating by the public; with the option to ‘add a hidden gem‘ you can submit an idea to the Mapiac Embassadors. I love this feature as it gives them the option to expand but also to control how, without ending up with classic tourist pins on their map and keeping away from spam. Perfect! With some of the hidden gems, it even offers you a ‘book now’ option!

Here are a few of my favourite finds, thanks to Mapiac;


Walk the fairytale bridge of Corvin Castle


The Corvin Castle is one of the biggest castles in Europe and the grounds are absolutely spectacular. It’s perfect to visit for the atmosphere and architecture.

Raft through 3 countries on the Tara river

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 23.19.00

Water Rafting is something that I really want to do anyway, but through all three countries? that’s pretty amazing… Especially when it looks so beautiful.

Sleep underneath the stars at Attrap Reves


Well, in my eyes, this looks absolutely amazing! I am a massive astronomy lover; the stars, the moon, the planets. Anything that’s a million miles away… It all amazes me. What better way to see them than to spend the night in one of these cute little pods watching it all go by! I mean, it’s a bit romantic and sloppy, but it’s also really really cool.

Lead a pack of Huskies through Snowy Scenery


WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WOULD BE. Thanks to Mapiac, this is now added onto my Travel Bucketlist. What a fantastic opportunity, I’m actually gutted I’m not going to visit Finland this summer, although, I don’t know if there’d be much snow? I’ll have to book for next winter! According to the website, it’s not actually that expensive either! I feel like 100 euros is reasonable!?

Dive to the underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut


Divers are attracted here because of the crystal clear waters and the ability to take amazing underwater photography. There is so much to explore when scuba diving; old shipwrecks, underwater museum, ancient weapons and coins…
You can also stay on the beach here, many local visitors like to set up tents for the night. 

So, that’s my favourite 5 locations at the moment on Mapiac, and I’m sure I could’ve even missed a few! I absolutely love this website and recommend it to anyone. I’d also recommend sending in your unique places to visit if you have any, it’s the perfect way to help out your fellow travellers. You can also apply to become a Mapiac Embassador, they might accept you if you’re lucky enough! I might even consider it myself in future…

Enjoy, and have a lovely day backpackers!

Love, May x



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