The Excitement is Real!

I got excited this morning as I got a knock at the door… THE INTERRAIL TICKETS ARE HERE! Really, they’re just pieces of paper in an envelope but they are very significant pieces of paper… They symbolise my next adventure!


On the lead up to my first ever backpacking trip around Europe almost everything is exciting me. The tickets arriving were one thing but even going to collect my first pair of prescription sunglasses from Specsavers was great – I’m not missing the sights!

Even buying a pair of flip flops is exciting, especially as I got them for 90p; perfect for the hostel bathrooms and the sea! I’m even excited to go Back Pack shopping!

On my previous post, Around the World in 30 Days, I have posted my route for the month (subject to change – of course!) The countries I am most looking forward to are Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia.

In light of recent events in Brussels, people have asked if I am still visiting. The answer is yes. Of course. I’m a strong believer in not being afraid and unless anything is still going on in 2 months time, I don’t think we should cancel the trip ‘just in case‘. That’s no way to live.

Anyone else excited for an upcoming trip?

Got any Interrail tips to share!?

Have a great day, backpackers!

Love, May x

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